Our Backround

Bee writing was established in Brussels in 2020 by Evi Anastasiadou, under the umbrella of the Belgian publishing house Samsa editions.

Evi Anastasiadou has studied architecture but since 2010 has been committed to writing. Her first book was published in a bilingual edition (Greek/French) in 2017 titled “Senses” by the Belgian publishing house Samsa.
Some of her short stories are being published in the periodical literal edition "Que faire", by the same publisher.
In 2020 she launches Bee Writing with the vision of a creative writing community while in the meantime she works on her next book.
She is an individual member of the European Association of Creative Writing Programs (EACWP). 

Samsa éditions, is a publishing house based in Brussels. It mainly publishes history and literature, poetry, and contemporary novels. Samsa is active since 1999.