Inspirational Beginners' Workshops: 

address people who have never tried creative writing before and are willing to join us and try it. Using special designed creative writing exercises, images and prompts we trigger participants to start writing

Advanced Workshops: 

address people who have already begun their writing journey, and want to learn more on narrative technique and theory, so as to improve their craft

Q&A :

Can creative writing be taught?

Creative writing and narrative art, like any other art, has its codes. To delve into them is one of the most beautiful journeys. Indeed, it is a journey that never ends. All the keys are to be found in the important texts that have already been written, and the workshops are an ideal place to discover them in a revealing light.


What are the benefits of creative writing?

Following the Creative Writing path can be one of the most rewarding experiences. As one walks on this path, one meets the world and oneself anew. The stress of everyday life ceases for a while and participants can feel the joy of creating a piece of writting that can be kept forever.


Participants said


“Wonderful experience, support, encouragement, and sharing of knowledge - Katerina, Athens


“Bee writing is a beautiful experience through which I feel creative, while associating with creative people. A voyage for the mind - Katerina, Germany.


“Interesting workshop, useful information, references, and analysis on contemporary literature. And in a friendly atmosphere! I would gladly do it again – Triantafilli, England

About us


Bee writing is based in Brussels and is directed by Evi Anastasiadou.


Evi Anastasiadou holds a Master in Creative Writing, a Bachelor of Arts with honours to Architecture and a Diploma in architecture. Her written work is published in Belgium, by the publishing house SAMSA. Her first collection of short stories «Des Sens», a Greek/French bilingual edition was published in 2017 by Samsa Editions. Some of her short stories are being published in the periodical literal edition "Que faire", by the same publisher.


She is an individual member of the European Association of Creative Writing Programs (EACWP).